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-Hi, my name is Keerah, and Im a fashion addict, a rebel really. And I have absolutely no intention of becoming sober. So these are my confessions...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello & Goodbye.

Hey guys, long time no blog eh? Sorry about that. Im sorry to say that this might be my last blog under this account. I havent decided yet, but i do have a tumblr., basically the same name as this, but tumblr seems more fun and sleek. On that blog, im focusing more on my modeling and fashion of course, and some with natural hair, with random little posts of anything that i feel. But it will primarily be about m o d e l i n g, and fashion. Havent decided if i wanted to delete this blog or not, but just in case, Farwell...



  1. Tumblr is good too, for mini-posts! Have a great time there!


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