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-Hi, my name is Keerah, and Im a fashion addict, a rebel really. And I have absolutely no intention of becoming sober. So these are my confessions...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello & Goodbye.

Hey guys, long time no blog eh? Sorry about that. Im sorry to say that this might be my last blog under this account. I havent decided yet, but i do have a tumblr., basically the same name as this, but tumblr seems more fun and sleek. On that blog, im focusing more on my modeling and fashion of course, and some with natural hair, with random little posts of anything that i feel. But it will primarily be about m o d e l i n g, and fashion. Havent decided if i wanted to delete this blog or not, but just in case, Farwell...


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thats Ma Girl!

Gone head girl, you make me proud:)

xoxo, -Keerah

Thats A ComeBack

Even though shes been back for a while, thats how you comeback. Tear* lol

xoxo, -Keerah

My Lovely Lou Lou!

So I finally gave my hair a name, can you guess it? Lou Lou, just because my hair is kinky and think and curly, and I overall like the name :) What do you think?

xoxo- Keerah

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They Say Imma PriMadonna

Not the first time Ive been called that ;)

xoxo, -Keerah

Monday, October 4, 2010

So I didnt get a Blackberry

Go figure. But i did get a phone, thats better than my last one. Baby Steps, Baby Steps...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Veggie Lover!

"Can i have a cheese burger w/ not meat please?" yeah you heard me NO MEAT! Today, marks the day that i start my one month vegitarian challenge. Its going to be one month first and if i can do it, it will become my life. Crazy i know, but i had a dream that i was putting live baby chickens in the oven, and they were literally crying out. My dad said it meant something different, but i still cant get over it. The poor little babies! So no more meat for me. :)

xoxo, -Keerah

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We Dont Need Education

Not too sure about what message their sending out. But these kids are Fierce!

Work it Babies!
xoxo, -Keerah

Like Major!

This pic of Solange is on point like Major! You go girl! Digg the hair<3

xoxo, -Keerah

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goals, Things to Get, and Stuff

-Blackberry (yeah baby)
-liscense (my permit expired TWICE!)
-Battery (for my car)
-lsr camera (in my opinion, every true blogger needs one. but thats just me, some people can get away w/ not having one :))
-signed w/ an agency (in due season!:))
-recieve mmy nursing degree
-be chin length by the end of the year ( my hair reachs by my ear lobes when stretched)

Thats all i have so far, i learned in
Psyc Ed. that to reach your goals first you have to write them down. First things first, Blackberry... ;)

picture of my hair in twist out, i tried to get the lighting just right. I guess this was the best i could do. LOL

                                                                  xoxo, -Keerah

Monday, September 20, 2010

Team Blackberry

I am hopefully going to get a new phone,, and i hope and pray with all my might that i get a blakberry :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Days

Yesterday, probably hands down has to be like my worst school day ever. The internet stopped working at home, so i had to wait to get to school to do my last part of the assignment. So i got to school extra early [im talking 7:15] to do my work, i got it dont, and i all i needed to do was print it. I got to the computer lab, about 15 minutes before my next class, and i sit at the computer, i log in, and i remember that i needed a print card, now print cards cost money [only a dollar but still], then i remember i left my money at home [i can be super forgetful especially when im rushed]. So i call my dad, and hes like do you need to go to Walgreens or something? and im like NO! JUST BRING MONEY. So im like panicing like this is like the end of the world, and im going to flunk out of college. So im waiting for my dad to come, and mind you when i got out of my nursing class it was 15 minutes before my next one. So my dad gets there like 30 minutes late and im PISSED! [this is coming from a girl who likes to be 30 minutes early, being late is one of my pet peeves.] So he gave me a five, and i ran all the way back to the computer lab and in just sticking the 5 in the machine to get a card, the guy who works there is just watching me and not telling me that the machine only takes one dollar bills, so i had to run allllllll the way back to the student union to a resturant to break the five, guess what the cashier told me!? "Were not allowed to make change." So i had to run all the way to the bookstore stood in a like with like three people in front of me [by this time im like 30 mins late!], then ran all the way back to the lab and made change. Then i went to the computer, logged in [which took like five mins] put in my flashdrive and the computer said something about not being able to except my flashdrive because of administration restrictions. SOOOOOOOO it turnes out i didnt even get to print my paper, and i went to class like 45 minutes late, and at the end of class [which she let out like 15 mins early], she told us we didnt even have to print it out, it was for US! Talk about PISSED!

The End...
                                                          xoxo, - Keerah

Its Barbie!

Most people love Tinkerbell and Hello Kitty, well i love BARBIE! . I absolutely LOVE Barbie, always have. It has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj or anything i just always loved her. When i was little, i didnt really own alot of authentic barbies, but when i would always go over my friends place and we'd play house with then [dont tell me you havent ever played barbies], my friends would always get mad though because i would always just do there hair. Anyways, This is the barbie wallet i own:
Its with Patricia Field and i absolutely fell in love with this wallet, its gorgeous. I got it from a mueseum in the midwest, it has a whole Barbie EXHIBIT! It cost me 20 big ones and i wouldnt of done it if it wasnt barbie. Ive been on a hunt for a Barbie bag, maybe like a tote or something like this:
Pink and i dont really get along though, im more of a purple type of girl [i dont like how all of a sudden, every girl likes purple, but what ever. ive loved purple since before tinky winky started wearing a purple purse lol! but thats another story. :)]
And im also looking for a barbie phone charm. :)

xoxo, -Keerah

Monday, September 6, 2010


Call me lame, but i JUST made a twitter!  Actually i had one before, but i deleted it not too long after i had it. So yeah, follow me at! :), thanks love

                                                                       xoxo, -Keerah

Friday, September 3, 2010

Demis New Doo

She looks awesome with that color, it looks soo good with her skkin tone! Now thats how you do highlights. :) I cant wait to see the premier of CR2 today! I know this might sound kiddy[even though i am a kidd], but its something about Disney that brings out the kidd in me.


Arent they wonderful?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of School!

Awesome!! Thats pretty much all i could say. I felt like such a grown up, i know that might sound silly.
Yeah my nursing chass was HUGE, im talking like 200 kids! Well adults. I got there early because i was confused as to where I was going a bit. I ended up having to go up like two blocks, tuning the corner and all the way at the end of the block it was there, the School of Nursing building. I almost didnt walk in because i saw a sign that i thought might have said that door was closed, i didnt have on my prescriptions. It was talking about people smoking and the violations and such. So anyways, i walked in and it was like a fresh breath of air, and i know this will sound corney but it felt like i belonged there. Like i was apart of something, it felt right. So i walked in, and i was one of the first to get there. Then person after person started filling up the rows behind me. Our professor walked in and after a while we started class. Despite the large group, it was quite intimate. Then i went to English, and i cant tell you how much i love that class. The teacher is so cool, she is like to epiphany of awesomeness. I swear! Then i was in Psyc Ed, and it was cool too. The teacher was really uppity like, she was straight forward, it was a great first day. I sense a good year. Anyways, i left school today with practically six assignments. But its all good, i GOT THIS!

 P.S.-I didnt wear this two days in a row, btw. I just didnt get a chance to take any pictures today. Anyway, Ciao!

                                                               xoxo, -Keerah

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back To School

Well for me my first official day of school. I had my freshman thingamagig today! It was pretty fun, I met a friend, especially because im a commuter at least for the first semester. So yeah, I wanted to get really involved because of that so I joined/plan on joining the volleyball team. I dont know what team yet, whatever team wants to take me I guess. I dont see why they wouldnt seeing that im like 6ft n all. :) Anyways, like I said in an earlier post im a nursing major, super excited to start tomorrow. I actually have nursing 101 tomorrow morning. Then English 101, then Psyc Ed. I dont have any classes on Fridays, my friend from school called me lucky for that lol. But yeah, today I had an appointment with my advisor because one of my classes [which happened to be yoga 1] was canceled, due to low enrollment. I wasnt too sad or anything, I was sort of relieved for some reason. In place of that class I now have African Dance class, for non dance majors [SUPERDUPER excited for that]. So yeah thats what Ive been up to, just getting prepared for tomorrows day, have to wake up early. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anna Sui: Fall 2010

This woman is PURE GENIUS! Seriously, there isnt anything out there like her, or at least that Ive seen. One of my favorite designers for a while now. :)

Peep the dark lips;)


Sooooooo excited to see the ANTM premier next week, super excited. I love to see other aspiring models persuing their dreams, Im not really one of those people who cant stand seeing other women who want to be models. It inspires me! I love it, cant wait to see it, it pushes he harder to persue my dream to model. I cant even remember how long I wanted this. My day will come, maybe sooner than I think. Anyways, back to earth lol. i cant wait to see this season, havent been able to watch it in a while, this season looks promising. :)

                                                                   Wednsday, Sept 8th C.W.

Tag! Three Sides of Me

TAG: Threes of Me

I got this tag from Bri.Unscripted, she has an amazing blog. Go check her out!
Feel free to do the tag, its opent o everyone!
Three Names I Go By:
Keerah, Kee Kee, Kaycee

Three Places I Have Lived:
Not telling, but i have lived in one place my entire life

Three People Who Text/BBM Me Regularly:
Amanda, Nikki, Aldia

Three Favorite Drinks:
Smoothies!, StrawberrysNCream Frap[my regular at starbucks], Dr. Pepper[my guilty pleasure]

Three Favorite Old TV Shows:
Fresh Prince, Golden Girls [guilty!], and The Nanny

Three TV Shows I Watch:
Silent Library, ANTM [Duhh!],  Jersey Shore

Three Favorite Dishes:
Gumbo, Jambalalya, Pepper Steak N Rice [Such a soul food girl!]

Three Places I Have Been:
New York, Cali, n China! [love it there i have to go back, i could like in HK,
i swear!
Three Makeup/Beauty Products I Can't Live Without:
Eyeliner, Mascara, Eos lip balm

Three Places I Would Like To Visit:
Paris, Africa[where ever my roots are], London

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
Traveling the world, Starting College, modeling
Three Jobs I Have Had:
I only had one, it was at a school. I always volunteer!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fierce Trend Alert! Deep Plum Lips.

You've seen this on the runways, and on the streets of your city all year long. But this come fall, this trend will blow up and is this the next big thing!

Go pick up your lip gloss/stick/stain before the racks are cleared!
Revlon-VaVa Violet
Black Opal-Violine
Makeup forever-13c
 MAC-Fab Frenzy
 Makeup Forever-#24
 Dior-Black-Tie Plumb
Milani-Black Cherry
Black Opal-So Berry
Black Opal-Wine Not

xoxo, -Keerah

Followers Thank you!

Ive reacked 25 followers. And I know to some people that dosent seem like a lot, but for me thats plenty, so keep em' comin! lol much love, ill keep the posts coming.

                                                 xoxo, -Keerah

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair Update: FINALLY!

Yes! Thank the Lord, i finally got a laptop. :) So now I can give frequent updates on my hair! Its been doing rather well, i cut it about 6 times last month because it just seemed really uneven to me for some reason, so its about the length of when i first cut it. The front of my hair reaches slightly past my eyebrows, and is that close to touching the bridge of my nose. But yeah, I finally have a picture for you guys. As you can see I get crazy shrinkage, but thats okay. I really like my twa. Im a proud 4a, with a splah of 4b only on the sides. The picture dosent really do my curls any justice, but whatever. Tell me what you think.:)

Ill be doing a regimine soon, so you guys can see what I do to my hair on a daily basis. I havent been able to stick to anything really but tying my hair up with a scarf, im not with that whole bonnet thing, they both make my hair matted as i dont know what in the morning, but at least I dont look like somebodys Madea[granny, for those who dont know what that is]. And ive also been deep conditioning once a week. Anyways, youll have more info in a future post.  

xoxo, - Keerah

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a Black Models up against

This is something that I saw today on another bloggers channel, and i just wanted to share this. This is what every black girl [thats an aspiring model]  is up against when entering the modeling world. Take a look...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mac Fall 2010 collection

Venomous Villians! Its the new collection coming up in late September in the US, and early October in the UK. Its lovely fall colors are inspired by, you guessed it Villians, but not just any villians, Disney Villans. From good old Cruella Deville, to a newer villian from the Princess and the Frog. Im excited for the fall colors, I can see the leaves turning as we speak [falls my fav season]! Is anyone else getting goosebumps?

Monday, August 16, 2010

One Month Natural

Soooo yeah i totally forgot that i was a month natural until i looked at the date, not to long ago. Yeah, not even kidding. Thats sooo crazy where has the time gone? Man it like literally flew bye. I probably wont see a lot of growth because i cut my hair maybe five or six times within this first month, but i see some progression. Stay tuned for more... Im a whole MONTH natural!

                                              xoxo, -Keerah

I know this is crazy but...

I changed the name of the blog again, nothing too crazy now its, The only reason i changed it is because i recently discovered how to get a domain, and if i were to get one, the name shessofierce wouldnt be available, so there. no more changing, i think i like this name better anyway lol.

My Sort of Hobby... Sort of

So in school i studied french. In highschool, sophmore and junior year. I loved it, but it was hard. I was pretty good, not the best but i was good. Lately, like as of today, i want to finish learning. I forgot a lot, because i didnt really have anybody to speak with, but i still recognize alot. I understand more that i can speak, and i can read well too. Maybe ill join french club on campus or something. :) Im digging out my old french book right now, well looking for it. la le├žon l'un -translation, lesson one. lol

                                                xoxo, -Keerah

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fierce Read: Eat, Pray, Love

I got this book today and the time i wasnt in the theatre, i couldnt put the book down [except when i started eating lol.] Its a super good book about a woman in her thirties who has it all, [were just going to pretend you havent seen the previews, k?] but she wasnt happy. So she dropped everything to travel the world. I know theres a movie out about it but i think i wanna read the book first. I bought the hard copy for 24.95 +tax [you might think thats obserd, but im like a reading maniac and a collector].  Anyways, i wont spoil the movie or book for you, which ever you choose but the books really interesting so far, cant put it down.

until next post, xoxo- Keerah

Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh I Wish...

And they have them in my size, 11! Yes i have some big honkin feet, but keep in mind im about 6ft tall lol. So they really wont seem big unless someone asks me what size shoe i wear. Anyways, I want them sooooo badly, i prefer the black ones. Im not that font of white shoes, but their cute.:) ive added these babbies to my wishlist.:) Their Jeffrey Campbell by the way.

xoxo, -Keerah

Model 101: Rael Costa

Lord Jesus! Thats all I have to say about this 18yr old Afro Brazillian Ford Model. I always joke around with my friends talking about how God just takes extra time out on the detail on certain people, he is no exception. Like he's sort of beautiful...
You can check him out at for further info. :)

xoxo, until next post- Keerah

Monday, August 9, 2010

Yay or Nay: The Long Skirt

This is supposedly a trend thats going to take over the fall and winter season. Yay or Nay? I say nay personally because not everyone has the height to pull off a long skirt, and it takes a lot to make a long skirt look good, i mean you have to have thee right outfit to make this trend look good. But hey, ive been wrong before. What do you think?

Vanessa pulls it off nicely, with ease you know, but everybodys no Vanessa. :)

                                                                 xoxo-  Keerah

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Name

So yeah  i renamed my blog because the old one wasnt working for me shessofetch, it wasnt working, and besides i like shessofierce better, it makes more sense so yeah this is the new url, okay?  okay.

And i did the freedom cut! Otherwise known as the big chop! I did it when i said i would, on the sixteenth. And i actually did my first snip at 12! that was totally unintentional. Ill give all the details in another post. And Im sorry for the lack of posting, Ive been out of town for like two weeks so i didnt really get to update at all. :], but yeah, stay tuned...

                                                         xoxo, - Keerah

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Im Ready, Im Ready, Im RED-Y!

Im sooooo fricken ready to do the big chop! You guys just dont know how ready i am. Im planning on chopping Friday, and yeah! I cant wait. :] Like seriously, i have started taking down the middle of my head, i probably have a fourth done! And thats not even the crazy part... I already started cutting. PAHAHAHAH! Am i the only one who thinks that is crazy, and not just in the back, In the middle too, ;] I got my coconut oil, evoo, shea butter, ic fantasia [that i will do a review on], im pretty much set. Im seriously bursting at the seems. What im planning to do is take the whole day [im off work! YES], and take down the rest of my hair, chopp chopp, shampoo, then either depending on the time i get done, deep condition over night! teehee, oooo... goosebumps.

                                                               xoxo, -Keerah

Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Inspiration

When I move out one day, i want my house to look something like this.

Gorgeous isnt it? I know, minus the cat. I hate them, and butterflies, and ferris wheels. Just thought i'd share :].

                                                                                 xoxo, -Keerah
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