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-Hi, my name is Keerah, and Im a fashion addict, a rebel really. And I have absolutely no intention of becoming sober. So these are my confessions...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NY Expectancies

So i leave for NY today, not at this moment but i just wanted to tell you just in case i didnt get a chance what i want.

i think i should make a list of goodies to bring back home from NY. So here we go:

-viva la juicy lotion & perfume(its wayyyy cheaper in China Town. Which is my favorite place in NY by the way.)
-a BADDDD pair of sunglasses. Maybe even two :]
-hopefully if i see on i like, another gucci (im a true gucci girl).
- a yankees hat(for a friend)
- a cheetah print fedora (that i saw back in May)
- a nice, good sized romper( for us tall girls. Im 5'10 and 3/4s to im basically 6 feet so i have to watch how shorts fit me)
-some african earrings, i cant find mine. lol
ummm, yeah i cant think of anything else soooo. ill see you, well talk to you guys monday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Series

So since im an aspiring model, (i want to model seriously), ive had this modeling like twitch. Since my photoshoot saturday [im in modeling school], ive been on some sort of frenzy! looking through magazines, on the internet at models. How they work, what they are known for. Whats their deal, and basically how i can improve myself as an aspiring model. So yeah this basically is a documentary about how my career as a model comes along. It will include photos of me, ameteur and otherwise, and favorite models, whether old, new or whatever. So basically this is going to be about my journey as a model, how i progress, my triumphs, and downfalls. That type of thing, okay? Sounds good to me! idk what the name of this series will be called, ill ask God about that(lol.) but we'll see how this thing goes.

As of right now, im about to watch some "To Grow With Love", a chinese drama that i love, oh so much! Seriously, im like obsessed with asian tv! Ha! a black girl that loves asian tv. teehee <3 Anyways, dont want to keep my drama waiting, hope you had a great fathers day. Much love xoxo, Keerah.
                                       picture taken and edited by me. Model: me oviously lol!

oh yeah, im going to New York this Wednsday(sp!) so i wont be blogging for like a week, sorry for not posting again, but i want an lsr camera to take proper pictures. Maybe ill get one while im up there, uh we'll see, but be expecting a Mega haul when i get back! okay, now im gone. xoxo, Keerah

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plant Me In Your Flower Pot

So since i graduated Ive had a serious case of garment greed, serious. When I have money, if I see something I have to buy it. So today when I saw these floral pring skinnys, I couldnt help but gawk at them, i mean look... seriously now thats some, some, I seriously dont know how to possibly explain them. They are so BOMB! I have to get my hands on a pair of them. Topshop, I Loveth Thou...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There Bringing Girly Back!

Have any of you noticed, that lately on the red carpet, all you see is studs, leather, smudged liner and more studs? Now dont get me wrong, im a big fan of metal hardware, and all that good stuff. But i am an even bigger fan of mixing it up! It seemed like lately all you see is "i wanna be a bad girl" type stuff. I mean Has the red carpet turned anti-girly? It seems like the bad girl look (which was a twist, or mixing it up) has become a norm or standard. But i am certainly happy that all thats changing, lately ive been seeing lighter applied makeup, and lighter colors. im not saying that its wrong to be punk rock, i just didnt like how everybody suddenly punkrock ya know?
Hopefully its just a fad and the whole red capper wont be smudged with mac's black track.

BTW, i was away because hopefully i was trying to get a camera but i cant get it yet til maybe next week. so there wont be no actual pictures of me yet, sorry :].
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