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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There Bringing Girly Back!

Have any of you noticed, that lately on the red carpet, all you see is studs, leather, smudged liner and more studs? Now dont get me wrong, im a big fan of metal hardware, and all that good stuff. But i am an even bigger fan of mixing it up! It seemed like lately all you see is "i wanna be a bad girl" type stuff. I mean Has the red carpet turned anti-girly? It seems like the bad girl look (which was a twist, or mixing it up) has become a norm or standard. But i am certainly happy that all thats changing, lately ive been seeing lighter applied makeup, and lighter colors. im not saying that its wrong to be punk rock, i just didnt like how everybody suddenly punkrock ya know?
Hopefully its just a fad and the whole red capper wont be smudged with mac's black track.

BTW, i was away because hopefully i was trying to get a camera but i cant get it yet til maybe next week. so there wont be no actual pictures of me yet, sorry :].

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