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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NY Expectancies

So i leave for NY today, not at this moment but i just wanted to tell you just in case i didnt get a chance what i want.

i think i should make a list of goodies to bring back home from NY. So here we go:

-viva la juicy lotion & perfume(its wayyyy cheaper in China Town. Which is my favorite place in NY by the way.)
-a BADDDD pair of sunglasses. Maybe even two :]
-hopefully if i see on i like, another gucci (im a true gucci girl).
- a yankees hat(for a friend)
- a cheetah print fedora (that i saw back in May)
- a nice, good sized romper( for us tall girls. Im 5'10 and 3/4s to im basically 6 feet so i have to watch how shorts fit me)
-some african earrings, i cant find mine. lol
ummm, yeah i cant think of anything else soooo. ill see you, well talk to you guys monday!

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