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Monday, June 21, 2010

New Series

So since im an aspiring model, (i want to model seriously), ive had this modeling like twitch. Since my photoshoot saturday [im in modeling school], ive been on some sort of frenzy! looking through magazines, on the internet at models. How they work, what they are known for. Whats their deal, and basically how i can improve myself as an aspiring model. So yeah this basically is a documentary about how my career as a model comes along. It will include photos of me, ameteur and otherwise, and favorite models, whether old, new or whatever. So basically this is going to be about my journey as a model, how i progress, my triumphs, and downfalls. That type of thing, okay? Sounds good to me! idk what the name of this series will be called, ill ask God about that(lol.) but we'll see how this thing goes.

As of right now, im about to watch some "To Grow With Love", a chinese drama that i love, oh so much! Seriously, im like obsessed with asian tv! Ha! a black girl that loves asian tv. teehee <3 Anyways, dont want to keep my drama waiting, hope you had a great fathers day. Much love xoxo, Keerah.
                                       picture taken and edited by me. Model: me oviously lol!

oh yeah, im going to New York this Wednsday(sp!) so i wont be blogging for like a week, sorry for not posting again, but i want an lsr camera to take proper pictures. Maybe ill get one while im up there, uh we'll see, but be expecting a Mega haul when i get back! okay, now im gone. xoxo, Keerah


  1. Good Luck on becoming a model. If you can dream it you can be it. You've got yourself one more follower...
    I'd be thrilled if you stopped by my fashion/beauty/entertainment blog and give us a follow

  2. thank you, ill definetly check out the blog!


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