So Heres My Story

-Hi, my name is Keerah, and Im a fashion addict, a rebel really. And I have absolutely no intention of becoming sober. So these are my confessions...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I almost forgot!

Guess what?
I already posted three blogs and you guys dont even know who i am. how about that?
so allow me to indroduce myself. My name is Keerah (pronounced like key-rah), and obviously im a new blogger! actually i had this blog for quite sometime, but for some reason i didnt have a clue as to workin this thing. (i know so lame). as you can see ive gotten the hang of it. when i write (in real life) i never dot my i's and occasionally forget to cross my t's.(just sayin :)) anyways my blog is going to be geared toward fashion, and my natural hair journey, and just stuff you know. sound like a deal?


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