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Monday, May 24, 2010

Au Naturale: Transitioning

So i figured i should start a series type thing of my natural montage. As stated in my last natural post, im in my transitioning stage of my journey. i rocked braids to the scalp that lasted me a little over a month and i just recently took them down to get my hair done for graduation. I am currently rocking invisible braids. For you non-black women, or for those of you who dont know what that is, you betta ask somebody... jkjk lol, theyre almost like micros, but its mostly hair. :]
and i think i have officially picked a date for my my bc... Independence Day. :]
ill explain more about that later, but for now, this will do. -xoxo, Keerah


  1. I am wearing micro braids for my transitioing phase right now! I think I'm going to do a sew-in next..

  2. sweet, that sounds cool! i think if i dont do the big chop in july, i will get the first two or three rows redone and keep them in for another month or so,, but im definetly doing the big chop soon! its like i wanna wear my hair, but invisos are my favorite protective style, maybe ill get them again for winter or something... :]


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