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Monday, May 24, 2010

Non-Highschool Student!

So I graduated high school yesterday, yay! Not as the valedictorian or even the seludictorian, i was third :/.  Whatever though, I just thank God its over.I was the only girl up there that wasnt leaking hysterically. Actually I didnt really cry at all. Im going to miss my friends, well one of them because shes going out of state, that girl got a full ride to HOWARD!   If I chose, I didnt have to go to college in the fall. But I am. Im planning on studying nursing, with some type of fashion minor. :) I might not have had scholarships overflowing in my mailbox, or might not be going to an ivy league school, but a degree is a degree, right? Anyways, I can not say that I am officially a non-highschool student, and it feels so good. FREEDOM!!

Ill put pics up soon :)

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