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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Au Naturale

So ive been solid on going natural for some time now. i think i made up my mind about last march. im tired of "lying" to my hair and believe that "black standard" that our women should look a certain way. who are they to tell me not to embrace my african tresses.[how does that sound]? dont get me wrong, straight hair is good and all, but permanently straightning your hair is going to far. i sooo didnt intent to vent on here but my fingers just keep typing the words. i want to be able to have the versitility of straight nor curly hair. and that relaxer crap,, just aint cuttin it. i am finally ready to embrace that curly me, naturally.
              okay now. back to earth, :]

i tried transitioning  last year and ended up relaxing again in late august. then i got a pixie cut in november [yes like rihannas] and i LOVED it. then in march of this year i got it cut into a mohawk [i have to say,, it suited me very well]! but i was tired of relaxing and the dreadful hours at the hair salon, and the buning, and the blowdyers, it was all just too much. right now i am rocking braids to the scalp, and i am planning on bcing in early july or so. :]

                          inspiration :]

                                               i feel like breaking into song, lol. xoxo- Keerah


  1. its always good to embrace your naturalness. i contanly crave different hair colours but i realized through time that my natural colours suits me the best and is the easiest to maintain. i support u 100%.

  2. awww thanks :) teehee it feels good to have support!


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