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Friday, July 2, 2010

Memoirs of An Aspiring Supermodel

Soooo, this one is my first blog post about my new series. As you can see, i found a name, and i literally just put something in the title box, lol. I think this post is going to be about how it all started, where i am now, and where i want and will be going.

Sooooo, i graduate from John Casablancas tomorrow [no its not a scam!], and i dont really know how to feel about it. Im happy that i will be graduating, and that i start looking for agancy representation, but im also nervous. Im nervous about how the world [the modeling world] will except me. I know ive trained hard[and am still working out the kinks], so i hope my hard work will pay off. I will also miss the loving atmosphere that they had there, everyone was so friendly, and the instructors funny, and made the sessions fun and informal. Anyways, we have the completion exam tomorrow, and best believe i will be whipping out the books lol. I hope to sign with an agency, and find some good work to get me started!

This has seriously been a dream of mine since i was little. I remembering being the ugly duckling that i was [its weird how everyone has an extremly awkward stage, i was no exception], and telling my mom "ma, im going to be the next Tyra Banks," i remember that so clearly, and i remember her saying "you can do what ever you set your mind to beadabum[that was a nickname she called me from time to time]" I always remember that day, expecially that moment. My parents always told me, pray, and watch God do it, and thats exactly what ill do. I dont know if ill make it as big as Tyra Banks, but i will definetly be up there, just watch!

                                                                                                                                - Keerah

took this picture while i was in manhattan last week. Just me playing around on my cellular device.
Oh, i forgot to mention... My eighteenth bday is Tuesday! Yop, and i cant wait :]


  1. Maybe I should look into John, then.. We have the same dream, girl ( :

  2. sweet girly! you should, its sooooo much fun. and its a great training center! im going to miss everyone, but ill visit often

  3. Good luck! I know when I graduated from Barbizon I was so excited! It's not gonna be easy but you gotta keep trying! It's like what Tyra says and it's true, there may be alot of people that don't like your look but there will be someone out there that does

  4. thanks for the encouragement girly, ill definetly keep that in my back pocket! lol


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