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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Model 101: Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman has to be one of my most favorite models of all time, if not my most favorite. She is stunning and struts the runway like no other. She is known for her name [obviously] but also her eyes, smile, legs, and walk. She is one of the baddest in the game, and this girl knows her stuff. Feel free to gawk at her some of her print work...
Last pic: she looks soo asian there! teehee
yeah this girl has got it down.

P.S. the haul is coming up, i just have to upload some pictures and edit and all that jazz.
and also, the bc has been postponed. ikr, Bummer! but my mommy thinks i can squeeze another few weeks out of these braids, and mommy knows best so in about two weeks ill bc. But those two weeks better hurry because my hair grows fast, and im afraid there aint no more life in these braids, lol!

anyways, til next post.
xoxo,  -Keerah


  1. I love her, too. I been a fan since she was 16 and Oprah!

  2. Yes! I love her! She is most def one of my inspirations! You can find alot of her print work here:

  3. Great post, I know you'll love it xoxo

  4. Thank you! i will check out your blog :]

  5. Gorgeous pics! Looooove it xxxx

  6. She's gorgeous, love her! xoxo :)

  7. ikr, this girl is like... like idk wonderful! lol


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