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Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of School!

Awesome!! Thats pretty much all i could say. I felt like such a grown up, i know that might sound silly.
Yeah my nursing chass was HUGE, im talking like 200 kids! Well adults. I got there early because i was confused as to where I was going a bit. I ended up having to go up like two blocks, tuning the corner and all the way at the end of the block it was there, the School of Nursing building. I almost didnt walk in because i saw a sign that i thought might have said that door was closed, i didnt have on my prescriptions. It was talking about people smoking and the violations and such. So anyways, i walked in and it was like a fresh breath of air, and i know this will sound corney but it felt like i belonged there. Like i was apart of something, it felt right. So i walked in, and i was one of the first to get there. Then person after person started filling up the rows behind me. Our professor walked in and after a while we started class. Despite the large group, it was quite intimate. Then i went to English, and i cant tell you how much i love that class. The teacher is so cool, she is like to epiphany of awesomeness. I swear! Then i was in Psyc Ed, and it was cool too. The teacher was really uppity like, she was straight forward, it was a great first day. I sense a good year. Anyways, i left school today with practically six assignments. But its all good, i GOT THIS!

 P.S.-I didnt wear this two days in a row, btw. I just didnt get a chance to take any pictures today. Anyway, Ciao!

                                                               xoxo, -Keerah

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