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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Days

Yesterday, probably hands down has to be like my worst school day ever. The internet stopped working at home, so i had to wait to get to school to do my last part of the assignment. So i got to school extra early [im talking 7:15] to do my work, i got it dont, and i all i needed to do was print it. I got to the computer lab, about 15 minutes before my next class, and i sit at the computer, i log in, and i remember that i needed a print card, now print cards cost money [only a dollar but still], then i remember i left my money at home [i can be super forgetful especially when im rushed]. So i call my dad, and hes like do you need to go to Walgreens or something? and im like NO! JUST BRING MONEY. So im like panicing like this is like the end of the world, and im going to flunk out of college. So im waiting for my dad to come, and mind you when i got out of my nursing class it was 15 minutes before my next one. So my dad gets there like 30 minutes late and im PISSED! [this is coming from a girl who likes to be 30 minutes early, being late is one of my pet peeves.] So he gave me a five, and i ran all the way back to the computer lab and in just sticking the 5 in the machine to get a card, the guy who works there is just watching me and not telling me that the machine only takes one dollar bills, so i had to run allllllll the way back to the student union to a resturant to break the five, guess what the cashier told me!? "Were not allowed to make change." So i had to run all the way to the bookstore stood in a like with like three people in front of me [by this time im like 30 mins late!], then ran all the way back to the lab and made change. Then i went to the computer, logged in [which took like five mins] put in my flashdrive and the computer said something about not being able to except my flashdrive because of administration restrictions. SOOOOOOOO it turnes out i didnt even get to print my paper, and i went to class like 45 minutes late, and at the end of class [which she let out like 15 mins early], she told us we didnt even have to print it out, it was for US! Talk about PISSED!

The End...
                                                          xoxo, - Keerah


  1. wow talk about a long day...i remember those lol every once and awhile i still get them.

  2. OMD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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