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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goals, Things to Get, and Stuff

-Blackberry (yeah baby)
-liscense (my permit expired TWICE!)
-Battery (for my car)
-lsr camera (in my opinion, every true blogger needs one. but thats just me, some people can get away w/ not having one :))
-signed w/ an agency (in due season!:))
-recieve mmy nursing degree
-be chin length by the end of the year ( my hair reachs by my ear lobes when stretched)

Thats all i have so far, i learned in
Psyc Ed. that to reach your goals first you have to write them down. First things first, Blackberry... ;)

picture of my hair in twist out, i tried to get the lighting just right. I guess this was the best i could do. LOL

                                                                  xoxo, -Keerah


  1. Why are our goals/thing we want so friggen similar!

  2. idk even k! maybe were long lost twins or something! lol jk

  3. Great Post. <3 I think you'll enjoy it.

  4. thanks love, and i already follow your blog, have been for a while now :)

  5. Girl, I love your hair :)

  6. I have to buy a camera too... yep every blogger need to have a camera !

  7. thanks love! i try, its taking all the patience in the world though!


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