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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its Barbie!

Most people love Tinkerbell and Hello Kitty, well i love BARBIE! . I absolutely LOVE Barbie, always have. It has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj or anything i just always loved her. When i was little, i didnt really own alot of authentic barbies, but when i would always go over my friends place and we'd play house with then [dont tell me you havent ever played barbies], my friends would always get mad though because i would always just do there hair. Anyways, This is the barbie wallet i own:
Its with Patricia Field and i absolutely fell in love with this wallet, its gorgeous. I got it from a mueseum in the midwest, it has a whole Barbie EXHIBIT! It cost me 20 big ones and i wouldnt of done it if it wasnt barbie. Ive been on a hunt for a Barbie bag, maybe like a tote or something like this:
Pink and i dont really get along though, im more of a purple type of girl [i dont like how all of a sudden, every girl likes purple, but what ever. ive loved purple since before tinky winky started wearing a purple purse lol! but thats another story. :)]
And im also looking for a barbie phone charm. :)

xoxo, -Keerah

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