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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair Update: FINALLY!

Yes! Thank the Lord, i finally got a laptop. :) So now I can give frequent updates on my hair! Its been doing rather well, i cut it about 6 times last month because it just seemed really uneven to me for some reason, so its about the length of when i first cut it. The front of my hair reaches slightly past my eyebrows, and is that close to touching the bridge of my nose. But yeah, I finally have a picture for you guys. As you can see I get crazy shrinkage, but thats okay. I really like my twa. Im a proud 4a, with a splah of 4b only on the sides. The picture dosent really do my curls any justice, but whatever. Tell me what you think.:)

Ill be doing a regimine soon, so you guys can see what I do to my hair on a daily basis. I havent been able to stick to anything really but tying my hair up with a scarf, im not with that whole bonnet thing, they both make my hair matted as i dont know what in the morning, but at least I dont look like somebodys Madea[granny, for those who dont know what that is]. And ive also been deep conditioning once a week. Anyways, youll have more info in a future post.  

xoxo, - Keerah

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