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Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a Black Models up against

This is something that I saw today on another bloggers channel, and i just wanted to share this. This is what every black girl [thats an aspiring model]  is up against when entering the modeling world. Take a look...


  1. Cool Post/blog ♥


  2. thanks love! ill check out the blog:)

  3. wow...this video was really interesting. it is so sad how still after all of these years and after all the progression that this country has made, there are still obvious color lines and black people still aren't treated my opinion, some of the most STUNNING models that have ever seen are black! just look at sessilee lopez, naomi campbell, chanel iman, liya kebede, alek wek, noemie lenoir, jourdan dunn, etc...i could go on forever!!! THESE are teh epitome of modeling to me because they are each UNIQUE and they have such strong looks! designers should be feening, and scouring the earth for black models...they should be begging black models to wear their clothes! one day the world will wake up and rub the ignorance from their eyes and see that the color of an individuals skin does not determine their ability. until then, i wish any black girl who wants to go into modeling the best of luck.

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  4. and its not just black girls, its all ethnic girls like asians and latin girls too., it sucks.


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